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We have been Repairing and Restoring Audio Amplifiers and Pre-amplifiers for over 20 years. Our Restorations are done as a weekend hobby. By sending your Audio units to us you are assured:

1. A very High Quality of service where we spend a lot of time going through your unit meticulously. The work is done Ethically and we charge a fixed price for our restorations i.e. there are no hourly labor rates. Since the work is done as a hobby, it is done right and with the intention that the unit will continue to run well for another 30+ years.

2. In our restorations, we replace all defective and varied components using High quality components such as Nichicon Audio Muse & Mundorf capacitors, Vishay Dale Resistors etc. Ask us about our Reference restoration service that includes high-end Audio components such as Mundorf Silver-Gold-Oil signal capacitors and resistors.

3. We work on one unit exclusively at-a-time and perform listening tests using high quality Mission and Magneplanar speakers. Once a restored unit passes our final listening tests, we carefully pack each unit to ship it back home.

We also build and sell Silver-plated Audio Cables. Our cables can be terminated with RCA, XLR or DIN connectors. Our cables provide a shocking improvement over stock copper cables. We use the World's best signal cables (Built for the USA Military) and our cables are comparable to any other cable in the world (bar none) for high quality signal transmission and audio quality and definition depth. All cables are soldered using Mundorf Silver Solder. In fact, our $59 cables will sound better than cables costing over $500 in retail stores. Give us a try before spending big bucks on other high-end audio cables. You will be pleasantly surprised by what our cables achieve.

Please browse through our products and services on the left and if there is anything you need that's missing, please don't hesitate to ask via email on amplifier_surgery@yahoo.com